Visions of Mother Earth

We prioritize authenticity, quality, and sustainability; creating a transformative healing experience trusted by generations- not only for the people, but all breaths of Life.
At Pachamamas Remedies, everything we embody is deeply rooted in ancient wisdom and cultural practices. Our commitment to preserving & uplifting the natural balance between humans and nature by providing classes, workshops, and remedies to the World.

Providing you Earth's Remedies, Worldwide.

Pachamamas Remedies merges traditional healing with modern accessibility, offering handcrafted remedies sourced ethically worldwide.

About Pachamamas

Starting with our Founder, Alicia Pahtecatl
Alicia's journey of reconnection began back in 2017, a year of discovering the healer within.


Throughout CA & Globally
Wellness Consultations Self-Healing Wellness Consultation Our consultations are designed to guide you on a transformative journey , renewing the body on a cellular level through the power of plants, reconnection with nature, and holistic healing approaches to our daily lifestyle. Schedule a Call 2 Learn More Today! Visit our Events Link to check out all our Upcoming Events on the Calendar Year! If you would like to schedule or collaborate on a 1:1 group classroom, workplace for any offerings like : Wellness, Workshops, or Plant Ceremonies; please email us directly at

You deserve the complete TLC package.